How does an On Demand Cab booking app work??

Everyone wants comfort and convenience while going home, be it after a long day at work or a weekend bash. They choose the best driving service that gives them home like experience. For which they need the best cab booking app that works fast and smooth, and is easy to understand without wasting much time in operation hassles.

Cab Booking

                                                                            Cab Booking

An efficient app must be all decked up with the knowledge of all the essential features to integrate appropriately into your cab booking app business. Find the perfect qualities and necessities for consumer usage that makes your app worthy of installing, some of which include-

User-friendly Booking:

The Cab booking app process must be seamless to retain your potential riders. It should be hassle-free, just a few clicks and done. The user should select his destination, enter his current location, choose the number of seats required, enter any preferences he might have for the car which varies as per the requirement and personal preferences. Hence, the booking process must be clear and short just like booking a movie ticket.

Minute-to-minute notification

Once the user has booked a taxi, it is a good idea to keep him aware of the arrival time. The cab may be at some other location in the neighborhood, and it may take some time for it to reach the pickup point of the user. In such a case, the user should be able to track the cab on his home page in real time. It should also show the time within which the taxi can reach the rider.

Payment feasibility:

All payment amounts must be very accurate inclusive of taxes; it should not have any deviation or confusion at the driver’s end. Your application must have a payment gateway to make the whole payment process hassle-free. The user should be able to choose the kind of payment method he/she wants, which includes cash, UPI and e-Wallet. The regular updation of rides starting and finishing points must be specified and maintained well by drivers themselves for analyzing the locations that have maximum and minimum demands of cabs.

Ride Acceptance-

Many times it happens that when a ride is confirmed by the driver, he is far from the mentioned location and it gets late while reaching there, especially during heavy traffic. Hence, drivers must accept the ride as per the availability and speed which is also tracked by GPS system, and is notified to the consumer.

Ratings and Reviews:

This feature is very crucial for cab booking platforms. It enables the rider to rate the driver of his cab and also the riding experience. They can also post reviews about how they felt and what can be improved. These reviews do not always have to be critical. Sometimes riders also appreciate certain acts by the drivers. Reviews and ratings form the feedback mechanism of this app. However, there have been cases where drivers report of impudent behavior riders and vice versa. It is your job to ensure happiness and safety of both of them.

cab booking

                                                                                         cab booking

Website development tool for the design industry- GoDaddy

Do you think GoDaddy is an effective website development tool for the design industry?

Creating your own custom website is like piecing together a puzzle which seems easy but is not. You know what you want as the outcome and it takes a long process and time to be built. Before heading to build a website, first decide should you attempt to build your company’s website yourself or hire a professional?

A Professional Web Designer’s cost can give a shock to your business but the one-time investment isn’t bad. There are many benefits to hiring a professional.

  1. It provides complete customization.
  2. They are troubleshooting.
  3. They know how to achieve your company goal.
  4. A professional company can help you set up website tracking in Google Analytics.

 GoDaddy’s Website Builder

The other option available to build a website is to work with companies like GoDaddy. Such a company attempts to make the DIY design process flow as smoothly as possible. Before, considering to work with GoDaddy, know its pros and cons.

Pros of GoDaddy Website Builder:

It offers a user-friendly, and rather inexpensive, website building option. It is cost-effective with other advantages.
1. It provides design flexibility: User can use their Website Builder’s tools and templates that suits their needs.
2. It is easy to use: No need to be tech-savvy for building a website with GoDaddy. Its interface is relatively easy to understand and work with.
3. It is affordable: Business owners can be benefitted with GoDaddy’s two inexpensive plans. The first one is a normal Business package which runs for $5.99/month with a free domain. The other plan is the Business Plus plan which costs $10.99/month.

Cons of GoDaddy Website Builder:

Before finding a website builder, give enough time to Google’s research results. Also, before start working with GoDaddy, have a look at its disadvantages:

  1. With GoDaddy, content migration is not possible. If you want to switch things up and change the template, you will lose all content on the website.
  2. GoDaddy doesn’t give access to the HTML code. You can’t make customized and specific edits with these website builders.
  3. A blog can benefit the website. But, GoDaddy’s Website Builder does not offer a blog and if you want to add a blog, you will need to integrate an external blog.

    website development tools

    Do you think GoDaddy is an effective website development tool for the design industry?

WCF & WPF lets know the difference!

Windows Phone App Development: What is the difference between WCF and WPF?


Difference between WCF and WPF

Windows Communication Foundation or WCF is a Microsoft’s unified programming model for creating service-oriented applications and deals with communication. With WCF, developers can build secure, reliable, transacted solutions. It is a BackEnd app and is used for connecting different applications. By using endpoints, it passes the data. WCF is used to develop a client-server application in order to make a connection between client and server.

On the other hand, WPF is Windows Presentation Foundation which deals with presentation (UI). Unlike WCF, it is a FrontEnd app that is used to write platform-independent applications. It is used to design rich internet applications by using the format of XAML. WPF works to present the data to the client.

As per the requirement, one you should choose between WCF and WPF.

Windows Communication Foundation:

WCF is Microsoft’s unified programming model which is previously known as Indigo. It is a set of APIs in the .NET Framework for creating service-oriented applications. To build secure, reliable, transacted solutions that can integrate across platforms, it is used.

Windows Presentation Foundation:

It provides a unified framework to build applications and high-fidelity experiences in Windows Vista. WPF blends application UI, documents, and media content and offers developers 2D and 3D graphics support, interactive data visualization, hardware-accelerated effects, scalability to different form factors and superior content readability.

Java Script wonders !!

What are the wonders of JavaScript??

JavaScript was the principal real coding languages to get parsed and executed locally in the program. HTML was an organizing dialect that became out of XML and it too has gone ahead to do awesome things. The two together have made the program the most imperative client application ever.

The other extraordinary ponder of JavaScript is that it works fine as a gathered dialect and in addition a translated dialect which happened magically. JS underpins both question situated and procedural programming. Javascript has based on its unique center in a way like how C++ based on C. ES6 has included sentence structure that is helping JavaScript equal even C++ itself for some incorporated applications.

Node.js resulted by compiled JavaScript is taking the industry by storm. Not exclusively did JavaScript + HTML set up the program as the most essential use ever on the customer, yet JS has now settled Node.js as the most vital web server utilization ever.

JavaScript is Write Once Run Everywhere Software. Java was the primary language to guarantee that significant privilege, however, with JavaScript, you needn’t bother with a Virtual Machine.

This is the reason JavaScript structures are detonating — no self regarding program designer would overlook full help for JS on all stages. You can compose the most complex React application on the planet and it is going to simply run all around. The accepted gauges process is chaotic, yet it works, particularly when enormous PC organizations assume just a constrained part.

Google and IBM are tremendous supporters of JavaScript and Node, yet they are staying away. TCP/IP and the RFC made the Internet what it is today. JavaScript and ECMA are influencing the system application to layer what it is today and will be tomorrow.

So, here are wonders of JavaScript:

  1. Smalltalk: It is the Future of the Software Industry
  2. C++: It is the biggest and most complex programming language
  3. JavaScript: It is the biggest con job in programming
  4. Go: It is the fastest growing programming language in history
  5. Java: It has replaced COBOL to become the enterprise programming language
  6. Python: The slow scripting language managed to become so popular for numerical computing, machine learning, data science, and web development
  7. Lisp/Scheme: It is a homoiconic wonder with macro extensibility
wonders of JavaScript

wonders of JavaScript



If you’ve been having some challenges with fully engaging your site users and your conversion rate, the information below may be helpful to you. It provides 12 UX  design tactics that can boost your website engagement and your user’s experience which can increase your overall conversion rate.

When a user visits your website, the type of experience they have plays a great part in whether or not they will be engaged enough in your site that will result in a conversion.

Web builders who take the time to ensure that they’re site have an increased amount of user engagement will likely experience an increase in their conversion rate.


  1. Have an Outstanding Homepage: All the greater part of your pages on your site ought to be easy to use, it is particularly essential that the landing page is easy to use. It is normally the main page the client sees while getting to your site. It is the portal into your site and the page that most clients see to decide if they will push ahead with different pages on your site. A site that is anything but difficult to take after and oversimplified gives the best UX design. It ought not to overpower and ought to have the most vital data over the overlap. Likewise, outlines that have subheadings, short sections containing short sentences, substantial content and visual cues improve client commitment and transformation also.
  2. Consistent Branding and Designs: It’s critical for guests to perceive your image and your organization’s picture all through your site to make consistency by utilizing a similar sort of text styles, hues tones and plans, and format outlines. This encourages clients to get comfortable with your symbolism and your image when all is said in done.
  3. Easy to Follow: At the point when clients visit your site, they are hoping to acquire the data they have to tackle an issue or address an inquiry as fast as would be prudent. UX Designs that makes it simple for them to finish the procedure with a couple of diversions and snaps as would be prudent, upgrades the client’s commitment. Destinations that are convoluted and makes data hard to get to by having excessively numerous snaps required before a man can get where they’re attempting to go additionally diminishes the client’s understanding.  Also, clients modest far from finishing shapes just to get the data they require – this reductions client commitment too.
  4. Speed: Web pages that don’t load within roughly four or five seconds may cause you to lose your visitors – possibly, never to return. Pages that load within 3 to 4 seconds are ideal with respect to holding visitors attention. Even if the webpage loads in stages, visitors will anticipate certain components of your site as they are waiting, which may encourage them to wait for the page to fully load.
  5. Omit Any Distractions: Your suggestion to take action ought to be simple for your clients to see. Also, anything that you need your clients to do ought to be simple for them to discover and get to. Anything that isn’t 100% important ought not to be incorporated on your landing page. Is it diverting, as well as occupies the client’s thoughtfulness regarding different zones that are not as critical? Mapping out the center reason for each page in advance encourages the clients to stay centered and improves commitment.
  6. Have a Clear Purpose for Each Web Page: Website owners who have a clear purpose for each webpage make it easier for developers with respect to the webpage layout and other UX designs.
  7. Repair or Remove Broken Links: In the event that your site has insignificant or broken connections, they ought to be repaired instantly. At the point when clients experience excessively numerous broken connections or connections that don’t prompt other important sources, their apparent estimation of your organization will reduce quickly, making them leave your site with having a poor view of the usefulness of your site.
  8. Add a Search Feature: In the event that your site has insignificant or broken connections, they ought to be repaired instantly. At the point when clients experience excessively numerous broken connections or connections that don’t prompt other important sources, their apparent estimation of your organization will reduce quickly, making them leave your site with having a poor view of the usefulness of your site.
  9. Use of Videos: Web pages that have videos, significantly increase the user’s experience. Especially in-depth, informational, how to videos or client testimonials. Not only can they answer questions, but they can also add immediate credibility.
  10. Accessibility: Since numerous web clients get to sites through a wide range of gadgets, ensure that your UX outlines incorporate those that are perfect with various electronic gadgets, for example, workstations, PCs, cell phones, and tablets. Make certain to test the diverse gadgets previously propelling.
ux design tactics