Best Website Platform for web design & development

Which Platform is good for web design & development?

WordPress and Wix both are self-contained, fully featured, online, and easy to use tools for web design & development. Before using WordPress, it is needed to be installed on a web server.

To use Wix, one needs to reach their respective website to sign up for an account and then it will allow starting building the website via Wix’s online builder interface.

On the other hand, to use WordPress, one needs to get a web server access and then domain name. Then the user has to install WordPress on that server. After installation of WordPress, customization of the website, picking a theme or installing new functionalities via plugins can be started.

Before web design & development, these following factors one should keep in mind:

Cost: While choosing a better platform for website design, cost factor matters. Though, both Wix and WordPress are free of cost.

Domain: One cannot choose a custom domain for their website in Wix. Wix comes with an advertisement on the website. While in WordPress, the user can choose any domain for their website.

Interface: Visual editor allows you to write your content easily on WordPress. With themes, the user can easily customize their website. While in Wix, only drag and drop interface is available to select any element on the site and edit it.

Design: WordPress offers a large range of themes and layouts than Wix. Also, WordPress with free plugins allows building an online store and selling anything.

After considering all the factors, WordPress is a better medium for website development as it is easy to install and is an open source platform. It allows everybody with the access codes to use and modify the website. Themes and plugins can be downloaded for free. Due to its easy operative environment, it is the most popular blogging platform.

Have a look at some themes and plugin tips of WordPress:

# It should be responsive.

# It offers unlimited color options.

# It contains effective shortcodes.

# It has cross-browser compatibility.

WordPress is called best among the other popular open-source CMS because of its Flexibility, User-friendly interface, Low costing, Easy to access platform, and Design friendly platform.

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Web Development & Design – “Importance in today’s scenario” !!

Why Web Development is Important for Your Business?

Seeing the scenario of today’s world, it can simply be said for businesses web development is must to reach a large of interested people. But, as of now approx 44-51% of businesses do not have their own website and it is the reason why they are not targeting their profits.

Without website, only 7% of the market is covered. Having a website means having best marketing tool for a business.

So, so one must not ignore the benefits of having a website for the business. Let’s have a look at the benefits of having a website:

How Web Design & Development is beneficial-

It provides easy access to customers: Having a website means providing easy access to current and prospective customers. Interested customers can easily find you with website. They can learn more about the company, contact details and its services.

It provides data on one platform: A site can likewise enable you to make information effectively open, both for your clients and your workers. This can enable you to spare cash, since you won’t have to print indexes and you won’t need to republish inventories in the event that you are changing your pricing.

It makes company more professional: A website makes a company more real organization. It is the parameter to judge a company’s legitimacy.

It provides good return: Putting resources into a site will offer you a fantastic degree of profitability. Despite the fact that it will cost a bit to begin your site, the site will keep helping you increment benefits for a considerable length of time.

It helps in marketing: With a website, a company can reach to more people to provide more profit.

It provides value forever: Building a website for a company offers lasting value because it will continue providing you results forever.

Website improves customer service: It provides ability to improve customer service and support. Customers can interact with the company through website and can ask questions.

Website is not only a source of information, but it is also a source of commerce and customer communication. As people are spending their huge time online, hence building a website has become very important for business.

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