Angular5, React or VueJS – Which one is better?

What is Angular5, ReactJS, and Vue.jS ?

Today, JavaScript offers a number of updated versions of Angular5, ReactJS, and Vue.jS. Seeing the demand for these three in the last five years, it is clearly said that their market has been increasing. Angular5 and ReactJS are most usable frontend frameworks on the market. While VueJS is building its market.

So, let’s know which one is better Angular5, ReactJS or Vue.jS:

1. ReactJS
Where data is needed to be changed on regular basis like on Facebook, ReactJS works great. It is used for building huge web applications.
1. With just HTML writing skills and its simpler terms of syntax, one can easily learn
2. Migrating from one version to another is easy in ReactJS.
3. Child elements cannot affect parent data in the data flow.
4. As it is an open source of JavaScript library, updates and improvements are always there.
5. It provides high-level flexibility and responsiveness.
1. It gives too much choice to make it unopinionated.
2. Before working with ReactJS, the user needs to know how to integrate user interface into MVC framework.
3. Its super fast development makes it framing improper document.

2. Angular5
To build the highly interactive web application, Angular5 which is a JavaScript MVVM is used.
1. With MVVM, developers can work on the same app section separately by using its data.
2. With its two-way data binding, risks of possible error get minimized.
3. Enhanced RXJS, faster compilation, new HttpClient launch are provided by Angular5.
4. It provides detailed documentation.
1. Upgrading from older version to a newer one, migration issues hinder the process.
2. The first version of Angular 5 comes with complex syntax.

3. Vue.js
For building highly adaptable user interfaces and sophisticated Single-page applications, Vue.js is used.
1. It empowers HTML and having similar characteristics with Angular.
2. It provides detailed documentation and can fasten learning curve for developers.
3. Single-page applications and even difficult web interfaces of applications can be built by Vue.js
4. Due to its simpler structure, it develops large usable templates.
5. It provides flexibility and speed due to its tiny size.
1. It has Chinese background and hence some of its elements are available in Chinese.
2. Knowledge sharing in Vue.js is in its beginning phase.
3. Vue.js might have issues at the time of integrating into huge projects.


Graphic Design Company – How it is important to your business ?

What is the importance of a Graphic Design Company ?

A good image can portray the intention of business sometimes better than words. Communicating with a client is the most important aspect of a business and if your client doesn’t understand what your business intends, you will get no result. To make a good result, invest in a good graphic design company as a visual is the most striking way to hit the audience’s mind.

The graphic designing involves combining technological, aesthetics and creative thinking to generate graphically communicative ideas to reach the mind of the client.

Why you need a graphic designer for your business:

1. An impressive graphic design is such that leaves an impact on the audience in the first place. The challenge is to draw attention and tilt them. And the only way to do this is to create a powerful graphic design.

2. Brand image says it all. To establish your own identity in the market and stand out
from the competitors, building a brand is crucial. A good graphic design helps in it.

3. Sometimes words are not enough to effectively convey information or sometimes pictures are needed to effectively give the message. At such times graphic designers can play an important role by using many products, sizes, and colors.

4. A good graphic design is enough to tell the story and get the feel of your business. So, a thoughtful design captures a potential customer’s attention.

5. A poor or weak design will not communicate your brand’s message effectively to your clients. If people won’t be able to read and understand the visual, it will affect the business badly.

About Recharge

The marketing and internet world is broad and keeping up with the pace is really crucial for a much needed outcome. Recharge Designs offers uncommon and result driven strategies to promote your brand with the techniques and tactics of marketing.

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Graphic Design professional for business !!

What is the Need of a Graphic Design Professional ?

Branding and marketing materials can be a costly error. It needs a good graphic designer who can communicate the best message to customers. A trained creative professional delivers the quality graphic design and they will develop quality designs using professional software.

So, entrust in assigning work to a professional.

Here’s how a graphic design professional can help you :

1. Time will be saved: Time is money and when there is a lot to do in that certain time, then only a good designer can help to have project completed in a fraction of the time.

2. Money will be saved: A designer with its good professional skills can lower your expenses. In the beginning, branding isn’t taken seriously by the businesses but it is important and later, one will have to pay a lot for it. So, pay for a great design once and save a lot bucks.

3. Only one time is enough: Working with a good designer, you are assured that there will be no need of second try. They will save you from headaches of giving extra time and money to the same work.

4. Image can speak louder: When it becomes difficult to voice idea through words, then a good image or design works best. A trained creative professional can take your vision to the next level.

5. It makes you look different from the crowd: With a good graphic design, a grand can easily be distinguished from others. It stands you out from the crowd.

6. First impression should be effective: As say first impression is the last, same is true with graphic designs also. Whether it is the email signature or Facebook post, viewers will judge a business in just a few seconds based on appearance alone.

7. Memorable look will be obtained: A designer will know which are the best fonts, colors, and moods as per your business requirement to put in design. By paying attention to these details, it can give customers memorable outlook while visiting the website every time.

8. Better results will be obtained: A good graphic designer knows how to make customers turn the page or visit the website again by creating a simple yet effective graphic design.

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Why WordPress is more Popular for Web Design ?

Why WordPress is more Popular for Web Design ?

However, the users sometimes have to face its slow speed. The users need to take right precautions. If not, it will cause to lose subscribers and customers. So, it becomes crucial to consistently speed up WordPress.

Why is consistent speed important?

To hold the customers on your site, it is needed that the customers don’t get to deal with the slow speed. Microsoft Bing search team’s report stated that a 2-second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and reduced clicks by 4.3%. Now, Google also includes site speed in it’s ranking algorithm. So, it becomes necessary to maintain the speed.

Let’s know how to fix it:

1. Start with a solid theme: The lightweight Twenty Fifteen framework is quite speedy. Also, Thesis Theme Framework is the fastest loading premium framework which surpasses the basic WordPress themes by being far easier to customize. It doesn’t slow the speed down.

2. Use an effective caching plugin: Some WordPress plugins fall under the caching category by improving page loads time. W3 Total Cache is one if the best caching plugin which is extremely easy to install and use.

3. Use a content delivery network (CDN): With a CDN or content delivery network, visitors can download all your static files of your site (CSS, Javascript, and images etc) as fast as possible. One of the best CDN is Max CDN Content Delivery Network. Also, Free-CDN works the same.

4. Optimize images: of Yahoo can reduce the file size of an image without compromising with its quality. Also, a free plugin called WP-SmushIt is available to optimize images automatically.

5. Optimize your homepage to load quickly: With clean and focused home page, you can not only keep the customer stick to the page but also load the page quickly.

To quickly load the home page, include these things:
# Only show excerpts, not full posts.
# Reduce the number of posts on the page
# Try to remove unnecessary sharing widgets from the home page.
# Try to remove inactive plugins and widgets.

6. Optimize your WordPress database: With WP-Optimize plugin or WP-DB Manager plugin, you can optimize your database (spam, post revisions, drafts, tables, etc.) and reduce their overhead.

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Importance of Quality Logo Design & Branding !!

What is Logo Design & Branding?

Whether it is entrepreneurs or small business owners, for both of them investing in a good logo is important. A logo is an identification design, icon, or mark that helps to identify your company. A logo is the visual cornerstone of the brand and it makes an important part of a company’s brand. This is what is logo design is.

How Logo Design helps your Business :

So, there is following ways how a logo helps your company to look different in the crowded marketplace.
#1. With a good logo, a customer can easily identify your company.
#2. It can easily differentiate your company from others.
#3. A good logo attracts the attention of customers.

Also, to make businesses identifiable, recognizable, and different from others, there should be some important elements a good logo must have. It should be a mix of imagery, symbolism, typography, and hues.


Not every entrepreneur invests in the Brand building. But, investing in your brand is very important and here are some points that will convince you why branding is important:

1. Your rivals are putting resources into their brands: Who invest in branding knows the value of it. Every business person around you is investing in branding and knows they will get a good return, so why don’t you?

2. A brand value will be increased: For businessmen, their brand is like their other assets and the estimation of a brand isn’t controlled by them, it’s dictated by their client. The way they see, feel, interface and go about because of a brand – this is mark value. Putting resources into your brand will enable you to take advantage of these esteem driving components.

3. You’ll get to know your position in the market: With putting resources into the brand building makes you distinguish where the holes in the market are and how you can differentiate it. You will know why your client picking you over your rival.

4. You’ll both look and act the part: With a solid branding and marketing strategy, you will get an amazing success with your product. A logo can be done for $5 and you can create a copy of it without brand guidelines.

5. Brand image profits you: A brand is an immaterial substance but it impacts leads, cost per acquisition, site activity, followers, sales, and referrals. So, having a clear brand image will profit you.

Importance of Logo Design