Native application and a cross-platform mobile application

Difference b/w Native application & cross-platform mobile application

In coming years there is a significant change in mobile apps market, simultaneously Smartphones worked on the two platforms – IOS and Android had covered the 99% of the market.

Every day from a variety of niches millions of app is developed independently by Entrepreneurs, startuppers. Before initiating the development of mob application it is mandatory to choose any platform – native or cross-platform development numbers of feature vary in both approaches.

These articles state the difference between native and cross-platform apps, best decision to take while choosing such particular conditions with advantage and disadvantages.

Here the project requirement defines the direction of app development upon any platform.

Strength and weakness of each platform:

Pros: Native Application Development
1. A feasible requirement into functional reality it’s being supported by 100% hardware support provided by native apps.
2. More flexibility and native language support are very easy.
3. Implementing native app development is easy and more feasible. Also, you can easily find experienced and efficient app developers.
4. Integration of native applications are more fragmented in regular use.
5. Development is fast.
6. UI Components are more familiar with developers.
7. App Store support full native application
8. Implementation of QA testing and performance optimization is easy
9. Social media app integration like Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Etc gives a nice support.

Cons: Native Application Development
1. Upgrades with the application with Latest Os and features.
2. To develop applications in the different native platform for any products needs more time and resources.

Pros: Cross Platform Application Development

  1. Application development in familiar technology.
  2. Look and feel consistency.
  3. Using common. scripting language
  4. You can reuse on various platform.
  5. Updation and synchronization ones and all
  6. More exposure to the various platform
  7. Implementation of speedily based application.
  8. More attractive in look basically report based application
  9. Mostly similar in mobile and web view.

Cons: Cross Platform Application Development

1. Functional reality is not being filled by your requirements.
2. Xamarin, PhoneGap, Titanium, Grapple, Open plug, Corona, Unity etc. are different tools and languages which are used.
3. Hardware like camera, GPS and push notifications are less accessible.
4. Developer on this platform are rarely found especially utilizes the in-game application
5. Testing and optimization on the actual device are quite difficult.

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