Why WordPress is more Popular for Web Design ?

Why WordPress is more Popular for Web Design ?

However, the users sometimes have to face its slow speed. The users need to take right precautions. If not, it will cause to lose subscribers and customers. So, it becomes crucial to consistently speed up WordPress.

Why is consistent speed important?

To hold the customers on your site, it is needed that the customers don’t get to deal with the slow speed. Microsoft Bing search team’s report stated that a 2-second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and reduced clicks by 4.3%. Now, Google also includes site speed in it’s ranking algorithm. So, it becomes necessary to maintain the speed.

Let’s know how to fix it:

1. Start with a solid theme: The lightweight Twenty Fifteen framework is quite speedy. Also, Thesis Theme Framework is the fastest loading premium framework which surpasses the basic WordPress themes by being far easier to customize. It doesn’t slow the speed down.

2. Use an effective caching plugin: Some WordPress plugins fall under the caching category by improving page loads time. W3 Total Cache is one if the best caching plugin which is extremely easy to install and use.

3. Use a content delivery network (CDN): With a CDN or content delivery network, visitors can download all your static files of your site (CSS, Javascript, and images etc) as fast as possible. One of the best CDN is Max CDN Content Delivery Network. Also, Free-CDN works the same.

4. Optimize images: Smush.it of Yahoo can reduce the file size of an image without compromising with its quality. Also, a free plugin called WP-SmushIt is available to optimize images automatically.

5. Optimize your homepage to load quickly: With clean and focused home page, you can not only keep the customer stick to the page but also load the page quickly.

To quickly load the home page, include these things:
# Only show excerpts, not full posts.
# Reduce the number of posts on the page
# Try to remove unnecessary sharing widgets from the home page.
# Try to remove inactive plugins and widgets.

6. Optimize your WordPress database: With WP-Optimize plugin or WP-DB Manager plugin, you can optimize your database (spam, post revisions, drafts, tables, etc.) and reduce their overhead.

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